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Hi everybody, this is my first post on this site, so pardon me if my way of explaining a hand isn't exactly the way it's supposed to be done. I am playing a live full ring game which is equivalent to 2$/4$. And the stacks are around 300bb deep.  

Villain from Mid Position opens 16$ with a stack of 1600$ , which is a standard raise on the table. Cut off calls with a stack of 1000$ and Hero from small blind calls with QhJh with a stack of 1200$. 

Now before i go into further explanation, I would like to tell you that the Villain is an outstanding loose aggressive player. He has a wide opening range, is brilliant when it comes to balancing, has amazing reads, has a lot of bluffs in his skill set. I have seen him calling big over bets on the river with 9 high and seen him fold full houses. And he's right most of the times. So basically, he's very very good. 

So the Flop comes down:

8h 9h 3s

Brilliant for Hero. Because the Villain c-bets most of the times on such a board, Hero checks, planning to c-raise, if CO flats him too. But surprisingly, Villain checks here and CO too checks behind. 

The turn comes:


Giving Hero Top pair and gutty along with flush draw. Now to build the pot in pot of 50$, Hero bets 34$. To Hero's surprise, the Villain raises to 160$. The CO folds. This move took Hero by complete surprise. Villain is not checking his over pairs, top pairs, flush draws, open enders or even guttys for that matter. And even if he checks his over or top pairs, he's never making such a raise on the turn with just one pair. He never wants better hands to re-raise or worse to fold. If he has a set, it could only be a set of queens, because he never slow plays his set or 2p on the flop, to balance his betting of draws and bluffs. I am pretty sure Hero's Q pair is good here. He has mostly picked a backdoor spade draw and is trying to steal the pot. 

Now what Hero thought here was that if Hero had Kh Jh instead of Qh Jh, Hero would have re-reraised and tried to take down the pot. And just in case he slow played a big hand, Hero had pretty decent number of outs. But since Hero had the Qh, he decided to flat. Because he was sure that I is ahead of the Villain till now and doesn't want him to fold. Villain would try to bluff Hero out on most rivers and Hero doesn't want to miss out on the river bets. 

River Comes:


Probably the worse card for Hero. I was putting the Villain on a backdoor spade flush draw and it got there. Also, now, a 10 would give you a straight, which honestly was not what i was as worried about as much as a flush. Now, in a pot of 370$, the Villain bets 175$. I tank for a bit and I fold. Now what I would like to know is that considering how deep we are, whats the right play on the turn. And was that a call on the river. Once again, I am sorry if I haven't posted my hand, the way it should have been... TY...


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