When can we call wider in live games?

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When can we call wider in live games?

A situation that comes up quite often in live games, that I have no idea how to assess, is when we are facing a raise, maybe a call in between, and we are in the CO/HJ w a hand like Axs. In the 1-3/2-5 games I play in, people are literally squeezing QQ+ for the most part, and very rarely AK(15% or less), and JJ maybe half of the time. Because I don't get squeezed off my equity much, I think I can be cold calling quite a bit more. I still reserve my cold calls mostly for the button and CO(when I look left and it looks like the button is going to fold), and have a fear of calling too loose, having no idea how to assess this; I don't want to just start calling super wide and it get out of control and then I am just spewing.

It seems like we can't go too overboard with hands that draw to non nuts like 98s, but hands like Axs that generally draw pretty clean, seem to have alot of merit.

I guess what I am asking, is do you have a methodology you use to assess cold calling and what kind of considerations do you take into account when deciding on whether or not to make cold calls preflop from Middle positions

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