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Why does rake impact the poker strategy so much?

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Why does rake impact the poker strategy so much?

"How Should Rake Influence Your Decisions?
Simply put, higher rake lowers your EV (Expected Value).

How does this affect your decisions? In a nutshell, higher rake forces you to play a tighter style of poker.

This means that all those marginal postflop calls become folds. Moreover, this has an effect on the preflop ranges since those marginal open-raises, calls, and 3-bets depended on those marginal value bets, bluffs and calls to be profitable.

Consequently, you have to play tighter preflop and postflop."

Where I play, 10nl is 7.5% rake with a max of 1 euro. 20nl is a 5% rake.

I really dont understand this rake stuff, to give some from session I ran:

Last session I lost 1.70 euro and paid 1.87 in rake.
The session before that I won 15.53 euro and paid 4.48 in rake.

Since I started playing poker again I played 16k hands, I lost 20,27 euro but I seemed to have paid 148,76 in rake. Seems like I could have might as well deposited a bit more and play at 20nl where the rake is 5% compared to 7.5% and a max of 2 euro rake per pot.

Some crazy ones are the ones where I won for example:
4,75 but paid in rake 8,96
2 euro but paid 7 euro

How is that possible? To have paid more rakeback (double and triple) then I won?

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