Why Zoom?

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Why Zoom?

Can someone give me some insight as to why there seems to be so much focus on fast-fold poker in both the hands posted on this forum and in the pro videos? When I played pre Black Friday so it wasn't something I played until I returned to the game a year ago. Now that I have had time to compare it to normal tables I have come to this conclusion:

It fucking sucks.

1) The overall player pool seems to be, if not just outright more competent overall, at least less likely to play a hand and less likely to pay off when they do.

2) We give up all the ability to focus on the weak players due to the random seating per hand. At regular tables I can make sure I am playing a game with position on at least one significantly weak player for at least half the orbit. Even better is that I can get a shot to sit to the immediate left of a complete mouth breather just clean their clock over the course of a session.

3) Note taking and capitalizing on tendencies is way too drawn out. At a regular table if something significant happens I can make a note right then and there. Even better I can immediately start using the read because that player is still at the table. On a zoom table it's not uncommon for me to not even have a chance to open PT's note feature before the player is gone and a new hand is going. The ability to take action with strong information and reads makes a huge difference in uNL/SSNL.

The overall effect of all this is that, at least for me, the increase in volume doesn't make up for the decrease in winrate. I know some arguments can be made that the more hostile environment in zoom poker forces us to develop our GTO gameplay earlier but I don't see why I can't do that over time while moving up stakes while making significantly more money per hand through exploitative play.

That having been said, I realize there may be some crucial points that I am missing here and may benefit from some insight. So, for those who feel that fast poker is the better option, would you be so kind as to explain why?

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