XR with blockers AcJd

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XR with blockers AcJd

Utg open $20, hero AcJd utg1 calls, HJ calls, btn calls, bb calls. Five ways.

Flop ($100) Td9dKc
Bb X, utg X, Utg1 X, hj $35, btn folds, bb calls, utg folds, hero calls. Three ways.

Turn ($205) Td9dKc8d
Bb X, hero X, HJ $35, BB calls, hero $155, HJ calls, BB calls.

River ($670) Td9dKc8d4s
Bb X, hero X, HJ $150. bB calls. Hero folds.

Hj is an older Asian guy, pretty straight forward, will cbet near 100% for polarizing sizing though, tends to over play over pairs and tptk hands..

BB is loose passive and tricky player..once he calls turn I know he has a flush near 100% of the time.

Are my AxJd good enough blockers to XR turn given the bet size? Also HJ has about $700 left on river. BB only has about $200.

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