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1 limper w $340 LJ (he has been raising relatively often, and i assume he is raising his premiums/strong broadways preflop)
Hero has KhJh HJ and raises to $18

SB fish calls w around $105 after the call (SB has a very wide range, something like 50%+
Limper calls, and also has a very wide range, things like 95s, Axo, offsuit connectors/gappers

Flop As7s5h Pot = $50
they check and hero checks( i think I should have actually put in a bet on the flop around 40% because i can barrel so well against the 2nd limper given his range is capped, my image is tight, and i think he can fold Ax to 3 barrels on clean run outs.)

turn is a Ts
they both check

I'm curious to hear what your thoughts are about this turn card.

Part of me wants to bet turn and potentially overbet river against the 2nd player w more money behind on clean rivers, but if i do this, i am repping a very narrow range(TT, and flop checked flushes) and i also dont have a spade blocker in hand) But I want to do this because i think this player is capped. He would raise TT pre, strong Ax. So only strong hands in his range here are slowplayed flushes, sets, and maybe some ATo. but i think alot of those would bet the turn.

It seems to me i should be betting here because villains will have alot of weak 5x, 7x, Tx in range, and will have likely lead alot of their flushes, two pair, and mid to high Ax on turn. maybe just betting halfish on turn and 2/3 or 3/4 on river to fold out Tx, 7x, 5x, and maybe occasionally weak Ax is a good play?

and go!

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