1-3 Live Turn Decision

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1-3 Live Turn Decision

Hey y'all

1 limper, $200 man in his 50's
Hero has KhJc on bttn and raises to $16
SB calls w $200ish to play and is a man in his 50's or 60's, havent really noticed him as he is in seat 1, im in seat 9, and hes only been at table for an hour or two
BB calls w $150 ish to play and is a pretty splashy player. He super overvalues hands and is prob defending like 60%+ of hands preflop
Limper folds

Flop is Ts9s6c Pot =$44 after rake
Both players check
Hero c-bets $25 because I am against 2 likely wide ranges, and I have 2 overs+gutter, and i dont want to over-complicate things by checking back here. Just c-betting w pot equity+fold equity, and can determine on later streets if barreling is a good option.

SB calls $25
BB folds

Turn 3h, pot is $94, and villain has like $175 or so behind

I'm curious as to what yall think. I've been working with PIO more lately node locking, and I think this may be a spot where the sb will have a tough time defending to a barrel. It concerns me slightly because when i think of all the hands i have here, i am going to be overbluffing quite a lot I believe. However, this may not be an issue because I Think in live players can overfold some top pair. In an online game most people understand that i will have bluffs on the turn, and also have a wide range in general on the turn. Maybe barreling here is an exploit. I also typically have a pretty tight image in live because I am hardly limping anything other than pocket pairs and occasionally suited Ax at passive tables.

If you do decide to barrel here, what sizing do you like?

If you decide not to barrel here, why not?

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