2-5-10 NL Big O

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2-5-10 NL Big O

Villain : We have a history of him check calling me in most spots, he doesn't raise me without the goods. He would rather tangle with the other players. In this session he's winning big and wants to protect it. (5K)

MP: Major fish, she's on her last buy in and is ready to go home. She gets it in most hands. (400)

Hero : 4K, nit preflop, aggro post. (4K)

It's NL Big O, game has been wild pre.

Villain's 10 straddle on btn, 8 handed. Hero with AdAs3d4d5h, I was going to limp jam and pick up the few hundred dead.

Hero completes BB, 2 limps, MP limps, BTN checks.

Flop (50) : AcKh8c
Hero 100, MP calls, BTN calls
Turn (350) : 2c
Hero checks, MP ai 300, BTN snap calls

We have about 3500 behind and pot will be 1250 or so if we call.

Villain is probably much more weighted to 1 way nutted hands, he's also the straddle with 100% pre.

Raise small or pile it in?

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