2/5 Live - Learning to play deep with blockers

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2/5 Live - Learning to play deep with blockers

2 limps and I make it $30 from the btn w/ AdQs, blinds call, and MP limper (older whale) limp/raises to $85 (i have been pounding his limps), I flat and BB flats (BB is an older reg/who is playing most pots with me, I would classify him as fairly loose pre and somewhat agro post, hes the type of guy who almost always bets when checked to but does not do much hand reading); I have been checking to him a lot and letting him bet we are all $1,600 (300 BB) effective

Flop (~$285) Qd 9d 5s – BB x, MP $110, Hero calls, BB calls

Turn (~$615) Kc – X around; should I be betting this turn in position?

River (~$615) Td – BB leads $200, MP turbo folds, Hero?

BB has been very agro post flop and seems to attack weakness. I think I missed a bet on the turn here but not sure what he could be betting that I beat at this point. He has to worry about the whale who likes to call.

However, his bet size is just so weak 1/3rd pot – The main factor is I hold the Ad blocker here so not sure how he can call a large raise. Problem is I lost a big pot to him earlier where he showed that he can not fold a baby flush. Not sure if he would bet/fold a flush here even though we are very deep.


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