$.50-$1 PLO8 - NL w/ weak high, to bet or not to bet?

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$.50-$1 PLO8 - NL w/ weak high, to bet or not to bet?

HJ: UCntBluffMe: $23.55
CO: aces640: $93.55
BN: bingerminn: $205.76
SB: chivinh: $12.54
BB: Thuck: $51.82
UTG: MasterQQ: $126.32
Preflop MasterQQ opens UTG, Aces flats as do I on the button.
Flop ($12.00) 7 4 8 (3 Players)
MasterQQ bets $12, aces640 folds, bingerminn calls $12
Flop is pretty standard. We can't fold here w/ uncounterfitable (is this a word? how do you spell it?) low and a pair.
Turn ($36.00) J (2 Players)
MasterQQ checks, bingerminn bets $22, MasterQQ calls $22
This turn isn't horrible, but we don't like it. If he bets and we know things about him we could definitely consider folding at this point. You have to have a pretty good read, but if he is playing say 18/9 we can be fairly certain when he bets the turn that he has an A2 in his hand and most likely something with it.

Once he checks we obviously have two options. Check and keep the pot small to avoid a gross c/r and/or getting quartered for more than we would like to. Or we can bet, take control of the hand and possibly gain a ton of value by getting him to fold now or by the river, or in some cases he calls down and we quarter him.

I opt to bet since it's 5 handed and I think there a lot of hands in his range that he just can't continue with. Hands that we would chop with.
River ($80.00) K (2 Players)
MasterQQ checks, bingerminn bets $80
I'll stop talking now.

I'm interested what people think about the river here.

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