[6Max Hypers] Developing Hand Ranges

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[6Max Hypers] Developing Hand Ranges

I used to grind MTTs back in 2010-2013 in college. I graduated, quit the game for a "real job". Due to my work and family schedule I don't have the solid 10-14 hour time blocks needed to grind MTTs anymore, however I do have time to play Hypers for a few hours here and there.

I've been out of the game for years, and am very math oriented (every poker decision can be solved by math if you have the correct variables). I've developed a few charts for SB, BTN, and CO shoving, raise calling, and raise folding ranges.

I am assuming that in these situations the villain is an unknown micro-low stakes player. Obviously ranges are not static and need to be adjusted for opponents. I am attempting to build base / default ranges and then adjust.

I am also assuming that villains are not inducing at 10-15BB stack sizes. What I mean by this is I do not think a villain on the button is going to be raise/calling JJ, I think at micros they will be open shoving those for 12.5BB. Therefore the BB Calling ranges are calculated by including hands like AA KK QQ JJ TT 99 A9s ATo (hands I would be inducing vs an aggressive opponent). If it is discovered that people do have a raise/call range at 10-15BB that includes premium holdings then I will remove the premium holdings from villains shoving range which would allow us to call wider to reach the amount of equity required.

In the charts at 10-15BB the shoving range is the range I would shove, the hands I would raise/call at this stack size (inducing) is listed in a seperate chart. The BB Calling Range at 10-15BB is the range required to call assuming the villian is shoving the same range I am as well as shoving all premiums (hands i would be inducing).

Equity Needed Calculations: Very simple: Example at 10BB range (1BB for big Blind + 0.5 BB for small blind+ 10BB shove from villain = 11.5BB in the pot. If we're in the BB we need to call 10BB to win the 11.5BB already in the pot plus our 10BB bet back (21.5BB total) 10BB/21.5BB=0.465 or 46.5%. This means that our calling range needs to have 46.5% Equity vs our opponents shoving range. Remember, the BB Calling Range for the 10-15BB stack sizes is assuming opponent does NOT have a raise/calling(inducing range)

Since I have a Raise/Call Range at 10-15BB I wanted to make sure I had a Raise/Folding range as well. Let's take the BTN Raise/Call Range and Raise Fold Range as an example. I balanced by hand combos so I would be raise/calling and raise/folding the same amount of time.

99+ ATs+ AJo+ is my BTN Raise/Call Range at 15BB. There are 88 combos of these holdings. What I did was come up with hands that were outside of my shoving range and my raisec/call range. I came up with: K8o Q8o Q9o T8s -T7s, 96s - 98s, 85s -87s, 75s-76s, 65s-64s, 54s; these hands add up to 88 combos.

Let me know what you think. At first glance I think these ranges might be too tight. I've been out of the game for a while and am not sure how loose/tight people are calling/folding.

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