8/16 PLO8

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8/16 PLO8

There is a 8/16 limit/w/half kill at the venetian everyday the game seems very juicy since only 1 or 2 people seem to know what their doing One guy that was dominating the table did state that people arent sure what to do so they call which was absolutely the case the pot would be 7 handed and someone with a bare A4 low will call to the river... Or people like me play hands like KQ23 rather than QQ23/KK23  and wonder why the rarely win a pot 

Right now at this stage in PLO8 is knitty the proper strategy I understand the game is lower variance but i am so new that I feel i barely grasp basic concepts of the game such as scooping...... Should I solely play scoopers as a novice is this the most profitable strategy for a beginner

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