A Live Poker Player's Thoughts

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A Live Poker Player's Thoughts

Hey guys, I've been playing live poker seriously for the better part of past two years. In two months, I'm officially "going pro" , after having built my roll from scratch. But I have been clouded by troubling thoughts in my mind recently.

Specifically when compared to online pros, I realized how blessed they are to have all their stats and hand histories stored in a database system which give them endless opportunities to improve multiple aspects of their game from various angles of sorts. For example, if one wanted to find leaks in OOP SRP pots, they can exactly filter out what they need in order to solve their problems.

My question is, as a strictly live poker player, what are the best methods for always staying ahead of the curve? I know this question is very broad and open ended, but I want to have as open minded of a discussion as possible. Since we don't have the luxury of utilizing programs at our disposal, how can a live player be truly confident in his play in the long run and not just chuck it as riding out positive variance? I ask this because I am most afraid of one day becoming complacent of my own game and never improving enough.


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