A Missed Bluffing Spot? Live 1-2 NL

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A Missed Bluffing Spot? Live 1-2 NL

I have joined recently and I always enjoy discussing hands and scenarios with others in order to get a different perspective, so from time to time I will post a few here

I don't record hands while at the table and my memory isn't that good to remember every detail, so I hope the information given is at least adequate for discussion.

Live 1-2nl

This was a heads up pot, villain seemed to be a decent reg type and had just won a few big pots previously. He had me covered but we both had over 100bb's.

This was a limped pot with 3 or 4 limpers while I sat in the SB with pocket Kings. I made it $12 to go I think, and only the early position limper ended up calling, which raised my eyebrow a little. So we were heads up to the flop.

I don't exactly remember the flop, but I do remember the Ace that was on the board, while the rest was dry and pretty ragged. The Ace was not good for me. So i decided to lead out on the flop, betting maybe a little more than half the pot, thinking I could rep an Ace and maybe take it down in the event that villain didn't have an Ace.

Thoughts on this action?

Villain actually went into the tank and really gave it some thought. He was even talking outloud worrying that I had a strong Ace. At this point I had a strong suspicion that he had an ace, but with a pretty weak kicker. He ended up flat calling but seemed tentative after I showed strength by betting out.

The turn was uneventful so I checked, not wanting to make the pot any bigger with only 2 outs to improve.

Thoughts on the turn check?

My thought was to maybe just shut it down and check-fold. But villain immediately checked back. The river didn't seem to help him. There were no flush or straight draws on the board and for some reason I just checked the river, almost giving it up and to my surprise villain checked it back. I think he had Ace-4 off or something, which I ended up being correct about with my read.

I was happy with my read but dissapointed with my passive approach after showing strength post flop.

At the time I wasn't prepared to keep barreling on the turn but should I have changed my approach on the river? Since villain was obviously playing very cautiously after I led out post flop, was my mistake not trying to rep a strong Ace or even 2 pair by leading out on the river?

Problem is, at 1-2 people have a real hard time folding their pair of aces with no draws on the board. It was a small pot so i let it go but thinking back it could have been possible to bluff him off top pair? Looking at it now, my play after the flop showed a lot of strength and the turn check could have been viewed as inducing a bet with a strong hand to check-raise and this could been how he interpreted it which may have been why decided to check it back. I wasn't thinking along these lines at time though.

It turned out to be a fairly small pot and after I took a stab at it, it didn't cost anything to get showdown. Just trying to analyze the hand in terms of decision making and most profitable play.

Thoughts appreciated.


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