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Ac5c Problems in 3bP after checking the Flop

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Ac5c Problems in 3bP after checking the Flop

Preflop ($15.00) Hero is BN with A 5
CO raises to $20.00, Hero raises to $30.00, SB calls $25.00, BB folds, CO calls $10.00
Flop ($100.00) 2 T 7
SB checks, CO checks, Hero checks
I think this hand is a good candidate for a check since I might still be ahead but am not able to call a x/r. The Board hits my opponents better than me, therefore I think a checking range is mandatory
Turn ($100.00) 2 T 7 8
SB bets $20.00, CO calls $20.00
After checking behind I have problems to know how to advance with the hand. On the one hand I think my hand might be best but the board also hits Villains ranges pretty hard I think. But should my Line look like? fold? Or call and fold if there is a bet and a call? What should I be doing if the River is a blank Sb bets and Co folds?

Hey everyone
I just hoped to see if the FLH Forums are active after there have been a few FLH VIdeos :)

SB was the reason why the tables is running. He was coldcalling very loose preflop and also calling down too lightly. After a check he is also able to bluffbet but rarely x/r als a bluff if ever.

Co is a regular.

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