Bad call or unlucky situation?

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Bad call or unlucky situation?

Blinds: t15/t30 (8 Players) UTG: 1,488
MP: 1,438
UTG+1: 1,458
MP+1: 1,849
CO: 1,808
BN: 2,874 (Hero)
SB: 2,946
BB: 1,488
Preflop (45) Hero is BN with 9 A
UTG folds, MP raises to 60, 2 folds, CO raises to 257, Hero calls 257, 2 folds, MP calls 197
So I decide to call because the MP and CO are very loose players. However, I think it might be too loose of a call.
Flop (848) 9 Q 8
MP checks, CO bets 424, Hero calls 424, MP folds
I call with hopes of drawing the nut flush.
Turn (1,696) 9 Q 8 9
CO bets 848, Hero raises to 2,189 and is all in, CO calls 275 and is all in
Turn comes a nine which gives me trips, a draw to a full house and the nut flush draw. CO bets and I decide to rip it in.
River (5,008) 9 Q 8 9 4
Final Pot BN lost and shows three of a kind, Nines.
CO wins and shows a straight, Eight to Queen.
CO wins 3,942
In the end, river is a brick and I busted the tournament.

Is it possible to get away from this situation on the flop and the turn? Maybe I should have called the turn bet instead of reraising?

Also, do you think it is too wide to call this hand on the button when a loose player raises this big?

This is my first time trying this hand history thing, so don't hold back your tips :)
Also, I am a new player, this hand is from a $1.5 sit'n'go on PokerStars.

Any tips are tricks for a new player are much appreciated.

Ty in advance :)

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