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card counting coaching

I'd like to offer my services as a blackjack coach. Blackjack is a surprisingly easy game to beat and best of all there is an objective measurement (skills test) that will certify you as beating the game. Unlike poker, which gets harder as the stakes increase, blackjack scales perfectly and if you can beat a $5 minimum table you can beat a $100 minimum table. Using high powered simulator software such as CVCX you can exactly determine your winrate (as well as your CE which is more important), map the variance you are likely to encounter (what sort of swing constitutes 1 std dev) and compare and contrast different card counting opportunities.

About my experience, I have been a professional blackjack player for seven years, travelling extensively to play both nationally and internationally.

The first step to learning how to beat blackjack is mastering basic strategy for your particular rule set. From there you move on to learning how to count, memorizing some key index plays as well as establishing a plan to learn more, and learning deck estimation in order to convert the running count into the true count. Then there is scientific betting based upon the Kelly Criterion and I can also consult on game selection and how to adapt to various rules as different rules change basic strategy and the indexes that you use. Once you master card counting I can also advise you on other more lucrative AP techniques.

Being able to beat blackjack is an extremely useful skill. For players who are frequently on the road, hustling comps can radically decrease your expenses. Instead of waiting to get in a good game you can use that time to do a quick hit and run session at the blackjack tables (hitting and running to increase your longevity and not get backed off). Often times you will find that blackjack is far more lucrative than the poker game that is available to you and you can just grind that instead. For players with large (six figure) bankrolls four figure hourlies are possible.

PM me for more info or to set up a session.

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