Early in SNG 6max weird Pot

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Early in SNG 6max weird Pot

CO: Skyzoph: 1350
BN: rdosdedosdos: 1750
SB: adquart: 1470
BB: poisonbull2: 770
UTG: sup3randr3w: 2190
HJ: the-big-beto: 1470
Ok so, standard 6max sng, 1500 starting chips.

I planned to play 1€ buyin (so threres some fishes there) to play 12-15 sng at same time and train my concentration multitabling.

BTN runs 82/18 in 11 hands
SB is 43/5, 47 hands
BB 62/31/13
UTG 25/4/30
CO 16/15/154
Preflop (45) (6 Players)
Skyzoph was dealt K A
sup3randr3w calls 30, the-big-beto folds, Skyzoph raises to 90, rdosdedosdos calls 90, adquart calls 75, poisonbull2 calls 60, sup3randr3w calls 60
So lol everyone calling my raise yeh,..what maybe my raise was too small?? would y raise bigger?
Flop (450) 4 7 3 (5 Players)
adquart checks, poisonbull2 checks, sup3randr3w checks, Skyzoph checks, rdosdedosdos checks
i mean, calling here is to get 3 calls and dont get any info, so check praying for a checkback from btn and get a freecard.
Turn (450) 4 7 3 K (5 Players)
adquart checks, poisonbull2 checks, sup3randr3w checks, Skyzoph bets 210, rdosdedosdos folds, adquart calls 210, poisonbull2 folds, sup3randr3w folds
standard. I put him in a very very wide range...so i have no info at all, it could be flushdraw, gutshots, two pairs, sets, everyking, every middle pocket pair, made straight etc etc etc.
River (870) 4 7 3 K 2 (2 Players)
adquart bets 870, Skyzoph folds
I dont wanna go from that table in a hand like this. Its full of fishes and i can cash easily so ...i just fold. Moreover i havent time to think deep about cause of multitabling harder than usual (in replaying session i was folding too, tho). Any feedback?
Final Pot
adquart wins 870

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