Further observations and questions

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Further observations and questions

 A)  9handed NLHE, I feel as if my isolation raises
are simply not effective. The main issues when isolating in position

UTG limp, UTG+1 or UTG+2 limps behind to trap with {TT+

The blinds wake up with a premium holding. In
straddled pots you have 3 players to get through.

Multiway pots means that plenty of your marginal
hands will have reverse implied odds. Jack high flushes or worse will be
dominated. Top pair with weak kickers, either you have to fold out better
kickers OR check but allow free cards to multiple opponents.

B) I often revert to playing tighter but at the same time I feel
like I’m giving up some opportunities to outplay opponents postflop (by simply
folding my hand preflop)

Even when I play tight, my image is that of a loose, bluff
happy player

Some ego driven players play back at me randomly and
spastically but it’s difficult to play back at them without a hand of sorts. I’m
hesitant to over-extend myself in spots since they get very stubborn. I don’t want to end up being a fish myself, playing too
many hands without proper justification. Its easy to begin calling with
everything and make the excuse of ‘oh, I will outplay postflop’. You can easily
bleed away stacks calling too much pre- and postflop only to fold on later

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