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Hand 2 from Crown Casino $1/3 Live Cash

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Hand 2 from Crown Casino $1/3 Live Cash

Hi RIO Crew,

Had a very interesting hand yesterday. Wanted to get your thoughts. Villan hasnt shown any bluffs and looks like a rock player. Although he is weak, he doesnt donate his chips away like a lot of other players on these tables.

MP Villan calls ($500)
CO calls
Button calls
Hero (JJ) raises to $15 ($400 stack)
Villan, CO and button call (very typical for $1/3 to defend the limp)
Pot - $48

Flop - Th, 9s, 6h

Hero bets $35
MP raises to 70
CO and Button fold
Hero calls
Pot - $188

Turn - 3d

Hero bets $50
Villan calls pretty fast
Pot - $288

River - Td

Hero Checks
Villan bets $120

What to do? What do you think Villan has?

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