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HUSNG Value Range and Bluff range on a turn c/r

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HUSNG Value Range and Bluff range on a turn c/r

Blinds: t15/t30 (2 Players) SB: 1,300 (Hero)
BB: 1,700
Villain vpip (ip 35bb+) 64 pfr 55 Limps 8% Villain seems TAG and kinda trappy.
Preflop (45) Hero is SB with 8 J
BB raises to 90, Hero calls 60
Flop (180) 4 7 9
Hero checks, BB checks
Turn (180) 4 7 9 Q
Hero bets 120, BB raises to 420, Hero folds
So here I go for a bluff reping Qx and get raised. I can see getting called by Qx but the raising range is what confuses me. I think all value hands are betting this flop since is kind of drawy, so what kind of hand is checking flop and c/r Q turn? Something like Q4 maybe or AQ-KQ? And my hand is blocking many bluff raising hands so I'm a bit confused about how rages are behaving in this scenario and what is the right play here, maybe just checking the turn?.
Final Pot BB wins 420

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