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New Hand from $1/3 Crown Casino

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New Hand from $1/3 Crown Casino

This was a hand I played yesterday. Let me know what you think. Villan is weird recreational player - got impatient and shoved over the top with J5 one hand and cracked AK (thats how he got this stack).

UTG (villan) - $320 limps for $3
MP calls
Hero Button ($600) raises to $13 with A7s

UTG calls and MP calls - pot ($43)
Flop AA4 rainbow

Hero bets 20
UTG Villan calls
MP Folds (Pot - $83)

Turn - 3d (2 diamonds on board)

Villan checks,
Hero bets $45
Villan raises to $100
Hero thinks and calls (pot - $283)

River - Kd

Villan insta shoves all in for $210
What's your move? what do you think villan has?

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