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OFC thread

Hi, I was just wondering if there are any maths geniuses around here. I have various Open Face Chinese situations I would like to compare to find the optimal strategy. What hinders me, is my limited knowledge of probability calculations.

Example 1 - OFC Progressive Pineapple:
Assume that card removal from opponent is irrelevant


Second draw: A2T

Scenario 1 , Scenario 2

5 A 5 2
99 T 99 T

Some people would immediately assume that Scenario 1 is the optimal move. However, when a situation like the next one occurs:

Third Draw: 56Q

Scenario 1 , Scenario 2

55A 6 552 6
99T 99T

Scenario 2 has become vastly better with 6 clean two-pair outs compared to Scenario 1 with 3 clean two pair outs essentially treating the A as a dead card(Unless you get A9x in one of the next draws).

I have more examples of similar spots that I simply do not have the knowledge to calculate if anyone is interested.

If you wanna contact me via email: [email protected]

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