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Pineapple Video Request

Having fun playing micro cash games. Finding that the sets that I win are usually low yielding perhaps 12 - 15 points because as a beginner I usually play a conservative game based on not fouling rather than gambling to make Fantasyland. I never mind when I see an opponent stick a high pair right up front on the first pull with low cards underneath because I know they have a good chance of fouling. What I find though is that if the player is good even if they are agro over time they win more big sets that make up for the small ones that they give up by fouling. If I win 4 sets for 40 points but they win 2 for 80 points they come out ahead.

It would be great to have a vid that shows how to take calculated risks to improve this. I know each situation is different and much of the advantage comes from just setting your hand properly from the bottom up but I've been losing to players who seem to play from the top down. Some one in another post mentioned charts that give you the odds. Is this the key?

I may not even be asking the right thing. Really only been playing for about couple of weeks. The only thing that has been saving me is that I set Fantasyland really well because I had an old Ipad app that only allowed me to do that and corrected me if I didn't do it perfectly but you couldn't play on it. But you still have to get there!

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