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PLO8 tournament: is this overplaying my hand?

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PLO8 tournament: is this overplaying my hand?

Blinds: t25/t50 (5 Players) SB: 7,450
BB: 5,100
UTG: 3,500
CO: 4,525
BN: 4,925 (Hero)
Third hand at the table, no reads. Field is very loose, does and loves to make a hand before they bet big
Preflop (75) Hero is BN with 5 3 2 J
UTG folds, CO calls 50, Hero calls 50, SB calls 25, BB checks
Flop (200) A 7 4
SB bets 50, BB calls 50, CO folds, Hero raises to 400, SB calls 350, BB calls 350
Turn (1,400) A 7 4 3
SB checks, BB checks, Hero bets 1,400, SB calls 1,400, BB raises to 4,650 and is all in, Hero calls 3,075 and is all in, SB folds
Of note, SB show AcJc as they fold

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