Poker Asia Pacific Removing money from my account

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Poker Asia Pacific Removing money from my account

Hey guys I just had a question in regards to players funds being removed from their poker account without permission. I am currently playing at Poker Asia Pacific and recently won their bad beat jackpot. It paid $1260 in a game of Omaha. The site claims to win the bad beat jackpot you need to lose with a hand AAAJJ+ to activate the jackpot. I was in a hand heads up against an opponent and at the end of the hand we turned our cards over to reveal we both had AAAQQ. The both of us received the bad beat jackpot. Within the next 24 hours withdrawls of $270 and $990 were taken out of my account from the website claiming that i incorrectly received the bad beat jackpot even though at the end of the hand I lost money. The site is refusing to repay the money and I was hoping for someone to suggest a course of action I could take to recover the money?

For those interested the hand is as follows

Hand History for hand : 448892

PL OMAHA Blinds(0.25/0.5) - 5/16/2016 10:29:41 AM
Table 2465
Seat 2 is dealer
Total no of players : 4
Seat 2: Wonofakind ( 241.3 )
Seat 4: usualsuspect ( 53.78 )
Seat 5: reubderr ( 104.48 )
Seat 6: aussieron41 ( 20 )

usualsuspect posts Small Blind [0.25] reubderr posts Big Blind [0.5]

Wonofakind dealt [,,,]
usualsuspect dealt [,,,] reubderr dealt [,,,] aussieron41 dealt

aussieron41 calls [0.5]. Wonofakind folds.
usualsuspect folds. reubderr checks.

* Dealing Flop *[QD, 8C, KH]

reubderr checks. aussieron41 bets[1.13]. reubderr calls [1.13].
* Dealing Turn *[AS]
reubderr checks. aussieron41 bets[3.16]. reubderr calls [3.16].
* Dealing River *[AC]
reubderr bets[5]. aussieron41 calls [5]. aussieron41 shows [6H , AH , 4S ,

reubderr wins 9.51 from Pot with Full House Ace Over Queen [ AS AC AD QD
QC ]
aussieron41 wins 9.51 from Pot with Full House Ace Over Queen [ AS AC AH

This is the sites terms and conditions of bad beat jackpot

Badbeat Jackpot
Poker Asia Pacific Bad Beat Jackpot
Play in our Bad Beat Jackpot games with just 3% + 0.5%, and qualifying hand is Aces over Jacks now.

To win the bad beat jackpot, a player in the hand must lose with at least Aces full of jacks - AAAJJ+
When this happens, the whole table will share in the prize as follows;

Losing hand = 35% of the Bad Beat Jackpot

Winning hand = 20% of the Bad Beat Jackpot

Players dealt in the hand = 20% split equally of the Bad Beat Jackpot

Starting contribution of next jackpot = 25%

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