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Rake Killing Poker !! Support lowest rake at all times when reasonable be ready to support RIO real money poker !!

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Rake Killing Poker !! Support lowest rake at all times when reasonable be ready to support RIO real money poker !!

Stars made another increase and its going to cost me $600 a week. Hatred level at boiling point. This post is to remind people to support low rake when possible. In desperate times like these I am hopeful more than ever for the Run It Once real money site and how lower rake could if supported by community impact industry standards which are taking the skill out so much its getting almost like playing roulette knowing a game could soon become unbeatable, or at least not worth the effort and for a beautiful game that must be corrected IMO. Support the lowest rake you have access to sites now for what you play and I'm if RIO poker comes at this from the rake angle hard and maybe even longer intervals or chip stacks for sit n goes be nicer too its cash that is the problem really with rake but still a problems a problem. If eventually industry corrected their prices due to RIO competition I'd still make them suffer do not be fickle do not reward BS. They have attempted to take the skill out of poker and destroy edge's via many methods. People need to do whats best for themselves and people should spread the philosophy and make playing on high rake sites basically socially ridiculed, in a ugly aggressive way IMO really.
Games needs to be bot free rake reasonable skillful and fun. We should support Phil or any options that appear reasonable and attempt to tackle these issues. I hope some other people feel as strongly about this as me.I would rather not be fighting this cause but here we are ...
PS There must be a whole community waiting for this now awareness must spread to recreational players any way possible even social ridicule ;) Anything just create change !!

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