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Razz question

dead cards: 336JKTQ + (8-)/(8-)

Hero: 5239 (67.54%) vs
Villain:4A2K (32.46%)

Because it was a 3bet pot (523 was 56% due to dead cards -must), when I caught well and he bricked, he got 9.8:1 on a call. With his assumed 28% (I think the 3rd person had a 8-8-3 type of hand) it's still a good call equity wise.

He has 1x 3, 3x5's,3x6's,4x7's (4x 8's) -2 cards, so 9-13 cards which seem to be good /out of 38. Now the main problem is, what if I catch good? 
Don't get me wrong, all in all, it seems like a good call, he's getting a good 5th street scenerio 1:7 times, a pefect (9's pairing +locard) in 1:30 times with pot odds 1:9.8.

Would you still call with pot odds 1:6.5 there? (if the pot was single raised)
Make that 9 on my board a 7 and it's always a fold with a King showing?

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