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Short Deck Poker from $ 0 to $ 50,000 while teaching on Youtube

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Short Deck Poker from $ 0 to $ 50,000 while teaching on Youtube

Hello. My name is Pavel. I'm from Ukraine.
I have been playing for over 15 years, but since 2019 I have switched completely to 6+. My nickname on GG Poker is Alara. I play microlimits, constantly make cashouts, but a few months ago I decided stop cashouts and grow at the limits, teaching others (I don't mind).
I created a Youtube channel enter link description here

and regularly upload videos of my game. Available in Russian and English. I want to show that in 6+ you can regularly earn money, although the game is very varied. I'm playing nl2 now. I will not indicate my general BR. Based on what is currently at GG Poker, since the last cashout.
At the moment I don't have a lot of time for poker, about 20 sessions a month (15000-30000 hands). In July I played 42826 hands.

Today 01.08.21 my BR is about $ 917. Although 1.07.21 was $ 625. 06/01/21 was $ 547. In July +$300 profit per month on nl2. I hope I can hold out. Many people laugh and say that it's time to play at least nl10 or nl25 with such a BR, but I try to stick to a conservative bankroll management. For me, this is at least 200buy-ins.

I wish you all a good game and strong nerves. If you are interested or have questions, please write. Subscribe. Let's go all the way to the peaks together.
enter link description here

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