Should I play in this game given my current life situation?

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Should I play in this game given my current life situation?

I found a new game and I am wondering if I should play it.

Here are the details:

Game Type: NLHE/PLO Mix

Stakes: 5RMB/10RMB (about $.80/$1.50 USD)

Player Pool: Largely unknown to me, though I have history with two of the players, and my expected edge over them would not be significant.

Minimum/Maximum Buy in: 500RMB - 2000RMB

Rake: 5% uncapped(!) No Flop No Drop policy NOT in play, 5 RMB minimum gets raked from every pot regardless of it's size.

Now, about my current situation.

Bankroll: 55,000 RMB total liferoll

Current Game: A zero rake 1RMB/2RMB NLHE game that runs three times a week. The game is extremely soft, and I have been using this game to support myself financially over the last five months.

I know the new game I am considering seems like a terrible game with that insane rake structure. The only reason I am considering it is because while I can support myself at my current game, it is difficult to grow my bankroll, and the only other higher stakes game available to me are significantly higher and I would be well underrolled. In this new game, a 5 BI win would represent a 10% increase to my liferoll, so it is incredibly tempting to play.

Any thoughts, or advice, or follow up questions would be extremely appreciated. Thanks everyone

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