Spin&Go + Maths behind the scenes

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Spin&Go + Maths behind the scenes

Hi everyone, it's good to come back "home" after a long time because of personal matters.

I have done a deep work in NashEquilibrium ranges for Spin and Go format, and memorized several Push/Call ranges for different blinds and stacks distributions.

1.- Since Nash Equilibrium is optimal, by definition it should be EV+ (even it won't be the biggest EV possible since other players won't be playing optimal), Am i right?
2.- Before I started to use these ranges, i was adjusting ranges by intuition, and I had 43% ITM - 14% ROI in 200 Spins. After 200 spins using them i reduced a lot my ITM and had negative ITM. Is it possible it has been because of variance? (I think so, since 400 spins are really really small number of spins...since it's one of formats which biggest variances).
3.- My idea is to play optimal and then adjust my ranges against players I have notes of PUSH/CALL rangesto exploit them..this should be the best way to play right?
4.- ICM does not affect to Spin and go right? it's just like in HU, am i right?

I'd be more than happy to hear your ideas, and if there's any specialized spin&go player or someone from the ProTeam who wanna have a look at my work, or give some clues about the maths behind the spins...it would be super great! :-)

Thanks so much

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