TCOOP 8-game 320$, Stud, Rolled Up

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TCOOP 8-game 320$, Stud, Rolled Up

Hi everyone,
this is my first post here. I apologize in advance for my 'language barrier', since danish and not english is my native tongue. First impression is that this site really looks like a great platform to improve them mad skills we all desire...
I hope some of you will give some constructive criticism on the following hand.

A little background: Since I am an amateur by choice - decided to take a Masters Degree and get a real job back when the games was soft - I am certainly not 'overrolled' for a 320$ in a traditional way - but I feel pretty good in these tournament, so I am not moneyscared. Also I have always been a fan of being well rounded, so even though NLHE (like the vast majority) is my main game, I have tried to learn all the games over time. I actually feel pretty good about the basics in every game, but now and then I seem to review some things. 7 Card Stud Limit is probably my worst game. Couldnt get the hand converter working properly, but anyways here goes...

So I decided to play this tournament and sold a bit of my action to some friends. I sit down and notice 3 Supernovas and 1 SNE - and the last one was probably a qualifier. We have played for almost 45 min when this Stud Hand appears and I basically have no read on Villains. They seem pretty competent though in Holdem and PLO.

Turbo; Start Stack 5k.
$300+$20 USD 8-Game (7 Card Stud Limit) - Level XIII (200/400) 6-max,
Seat 1: VILLAIN 2 SN (5534 in chips)
Seat 2: VILLAIN 3 SN (4299 in chips)
Seat 3: VILLAIN 4 QUAL (8009 in chips)
Seat 4: VILLAIN 5 SNE (2304 in chips)
Seat 5: HERO (5612 in chips)
Seat 6: VILLAIN 1 SN (3674 in chips)
VILLAIN 5 SNE posts the ante 40
HERO posts the ante 40
VILLAIN 1 SN posts the ante 40
VILLAIN 2 SN posts the ante 40
VILLAIN 3 SN posts the ante 40
VILLAIN 4 QUAL posts the ante 40

*** 3rd STREET ***
Dealt to VILLAIN 2 SN [Kc]
Dealt to VILLAIN 3 SN [8h]
Dealt to VILLAIN 4 QUAL [Ks]
Dealt to VILLAIN 5 SNE [As]
Dealt to HERO [Th Td Tc]
Dealt to VILLAIN 1 SN [Qs]
VILLAIN 3 SN brings in for 60
HERO raises 140 to 200
VILLAIN 1 SN raises 200 to 400
VILLAIN 2 SN folds
VILLAIN 3 SN folds
HERO raises 200 to 600
VILLAIN 1 raises 200 to 800
Betting is capped
HERO calls 200

So I have a monster obviously - A, K, K gone but villain still caps it with a Q open, which obivous get me to thinking QQQ, since alot of AA, KK, KQQ, KKQ, AKQss combos are gone. Im still so strong though I welcome the cap and I still cant discount all of QQx hands etc. readless.

*** 4th STREET ***
Dealt to HERO [Th Td Tc] [Qd]
Dealt to VILLAIN 1 SN [Qs] [3c]
HERO bets 200
VILLAIN 1 calls 200

So I get a Q which makes his QQQ much less likely and I decide to lead becuz he might check some hands behind which doesnt like the Q by me. He 'only' calls which makes me think QQx hands etc. is much more likely now, even though he played them over aggressively preflop imo when he caps.

*** 5th STREET ***
Dealt to HERO [Th Td Tc Qd] [2c]
Dealt to VILLAIN 1 SN [Qs 3c] [Qc]
VILLAIN 1 SN bets 400
HERO calls 400

So he gets what might be the case Q and leads. I dont improve. I consider raising him here to value from big 2 pair hands but since I feel weighted against QQx hands i decide to call. Anyone who would raise here ??

This is probably the turning point for the hand.

*** 6th STREET ***
Dealt to HEROr [Th Td Tc Qd 2c] [5c]
Dealt to VILLAIN 1 SN [Qs 3c Qc] [2h]
VILLAIN 1 SN bets 400
HERO calls 400

Blank. Blank. Nothing changes and I call again.

*** RIVER ***
Dealt to HERO [Th Td Tc Qd 2c 5c] [7d]
VILLAIN 1 SN bets 400

Hope you guys can live without potsizes and the Limit format.
River is a good price :)

He continues to fire... Can we fold here?
And general thought about the line appreciated....?


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