The Importance of Position in OFC

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The Importance of Position in OFC

I feel like a lot of people neglect position in OFC but after playing it quite a lot, I do think that position in OFC is even MORE important than it is in NLHE. Your strategy regarding the sort of hands you want to construct should heavily be based on the dead cards in order to calculate the drawing odds.

For that reason, in early position, your main goal should be a greedy strategy. Maximizing local EV rather than focusing on long term ev because you do not yet know the dead cards that the opponents in front of you have.

In late position, you have full knowledge of all the left-over cards. You can use knowledge of the remaining cards in the deck to calculate drawing odds for making the heavier hands. You can also take calculated risks like trying to shoot for bigger hands on the middle and top hand.

In summary::

in a three handed game you should play more conservatively and focus on maximizing local EV when out of position.

In position: maximize your knowledge of the remaining cards to rethink the value of the cards that have been dealt to you.

Three cards of a single suite are not worth nearly as much if the players behind you each have two cards of the same suite. A high card like an ace is essentially worthless if each of the players behind you have an ace because it significantly reduces your chances to pair it. So if your opponents block your higher cards, then it's more advantageous to throw them on the middle and top hand to maximize it's value.

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