$0.25/$0.50 Middle Set facing Flop 3bet 140bb deep

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$0.25/$0.50 Middle Set facing Flop 3bet 140bb deep

Btn - Hero - $71.74 - Ad Jd Js 7h
MP - $648.11 -86/49 over 37 hands *Villain has shown 3betting me with AJ95ds BB vs Btn and giving up on a low board 3 streets with a pair of 5's. Seems to be a little more thoughtful maybe and not a complete bad aggro maniac like you might expect of a rec playing that loose.
BB - $12.48

MP raises $1.75, Hero calls Btn, BB calls.

Flop (~$5.25): Qd Jh 7c
BB checks. MP bets $2.62, Btn raises to $9.00, MP raises to $32.23, Btn (hero)?

So on the flop, villain is opening pretty wide and there is quite a few bad turns, so I go with a flop raise IP. Was thinking with the small half pot bet and a lot of bad turns, I don't mind just winning the pot now, and if he calls, I think sometimes players don't have a leading range as often as they should and I can always check back on a bad turn. Also, think villain could perceive my smaller than pot raise as attacking his flop c-betting range since he is super wide preflop, but maybe he's not thinking that in depth. Once I face the flop 3bet though, puke. It seems like we are crushed by QQ or flipping vs a wrap, especially since we block a 7. I'm guessing I should just call/call here on blank turns. Maybe fold on a wrap completing turn? Wondering if I should have been just flatting flop? If I did flat flop, I guess on bad turns, I would mostly be going call/call flop/turn and evaluating river? What do you guys think about this spot?

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