100/200 HKD Live PLO 2nd set on flop vs. tight range. theory?

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100/200 HKD Live PLO 2nd set on flop vs. tight range. theory?

This is a 100/200 HKD game in Macau. Roughly = $13/26.

9 handed game I have 50k and raise UTG to 700 with QQJ7ds. 1 calls and the button (who is a tight reg with 25k) 3bets to 3800. Both blinds fold and he gets 2 calls.

Flop Ac Qd 2d (11400)

check, check, Button bets 9500, hero? (the passive fish in the middle is already making folding gestures)

What I know of the reg is that he's a winning player. Plays more NLH than PLO. And overall is really tight and pretty much just has it most of the time. He sometimes play mid stakes short stack PLO on stars. He's been folding a lot of hands in the past 3-4 hours and this is the first time I've seen him 3bet.

Needless to say I'm basing his 3bet range to be premimums (but not all AA). His cbet size leaves him just under 12k behind so I highly doubt he's bet folding. I feel the frequency of him having me drawing dead is very high so I wanted to make a tough fold.

However, before I released the hand I thought of the hand in a balance perspective. I'd 4bet all AA with this stack pre so by the flop the very top of my range is QQ; therefore, with this thinking and the fact he does have some combos of ABBB and MMMM with flush draws I felt like I could never fold.

Is this thinking correct? I AM at the top of my range here but is there a way to think about your range in relative strength and absolute strength? Like I feel the relative strength of QQ here is a lot worse than KJTQdd.

How is my thinking here?

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