100/200INR Online . Decisions on Flop and Turn.

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100/200INR Online . Decisions on Flop and Turn.

SB: 25000 (Villain)
BB: 11000
UTG: 8800
HJ: 24000 (Hero)
CO: 50000

Don't have enough info on players as it's an anonymous table. But the table is neither too passive nor too aggressive.

UTG limps, Hero pots to 900 with As 6s Jd 8d.

CO, SB, BB, UTG call. Pot: 3800.

Flop: 5s 4d Qs.

Check to Hero. Hero pots 3800. CO folds. SB calls. BB, UTG fold. Pot: 11400.
I decided to pot because I picked up Nut FD with gutty and backdoor FD. I thought it's a board on which a lot of hands would like to continue. I wanted to inflate the pot with 5 players in the hand. And I have great visibility on Turn and River. Players here are capable of shoving with worse combo draws, and I am very happy to call a shove. Worse case, I am roughly 32-35% favourite. Please let me know if my thought process is incorrect.

Turn: 2d. Pot: 11400.
SB checks. Hero checks behind.
I checked behind because a couple of straights got there. And I wanted to see a free River.
But while reviewing the hand later, I thought it's a mistake. Because in these games, players are always potting the turn with 3,6. They almost never slow play on such a board. Yes, he could have A3, but he has far more other combos here. So In a pot of 11400, I should have bet 7600. A lot of times, I would be taking down the pot with that bet, and even if there's a call, a lot of cards improve my hand that could beat straights and slow played sets as well.

Please let me know if there are any mistakes in my thought process and play.

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