10/20 at Aria - Bet or Check When Deep?

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10/20 at Aria - Bet or Check When Deep?

Hey guys!

Got one here that I played last week that I'd like some input on plz :)

10/20 live at Aria. Have only played an hour or so and have a good image. Open 40 UTG AhAcQsJd, kid who has been really tight overall but is clearly competent 3b's to 140. Weaker player with 1200 cold calls from MP, loose kid calls from the SB. I 4b to 700, both kids call and MP folds.

Flop (2240) KhQh3c first kid checks I c-bet 1450. After less than five seconds kid on my left announces all in for 7500 (I cover). SB kid folds (he had 6k to begin hand).

In retrospect I don't like the four-bet too much because of the stacks. My real question is about the flop play. Do you like c-betting here? And if so, do you prefer pot/gii, c-bet with my sizing gii, or check and evaluate?

I thought this was a really interesting hand because of the stack sizes and Ah blocker, so figured it would spur some good discussion as to what's best here. Looking forward to hearing your replies!

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