£1/£1/£2 plo live game. 4bet squeeze spot/

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£1/£1/£2 plo live game. 4bet squeeze spot/

Mandatory straddle, fairly loose passive players. The 3 better on the BTN is quite good with a decent understanding of the game.

MP Limps £2 (£600)
HJ limps £2 (£700)
HERO CO raises to £10 with AcKsQcQd (£250)
BTN 3 bets to £35 (£400)
SB folds
BB folds
Straddle folds
MP Calls
HJ Calls

notes and thoughts:

Firstly, as mentioned... the 3 better is decent and capable of doing this lighter than usual. Most other players are quite weak and passive so he probably belives he can just win by c betting most flops and continuing with further aggression. MP is stuck about £700 and is tilty AF. HJ plays plo like they play nlhe. I believe that HJ and MP never have AAxx after they elect to flat the 3 bet I have an A blocker and also a K blocker, but i think they will be folding KKxx and if they have like a KKJQ or double S KKxx then they would have 4 bet. ( i think they probably just raise instead of limping aswell ) I can pot now for like £160 with so much dead money to try and win the free £110 in the pot and i leave myself like 1/4 pot back. 3 betting villain can have a AAxx , but he isn't tight by any stretch.

what are the thoughts of 4 bet potting for value opposing to calling ?/ is there anything you would have done differently in this hand


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