1/2 Middle Set - Tough spot?

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1/2 Middle Set - Tough spot?

This past weekend was playing in a 1/2 PLO live game (casino) and played a hand I'd like to hear your thoughts on.

Villain in this hand is pretty solid, have been playing with him for several hours now and he rarely gets out of line and understands flop textures/pot size control. Like myself, he rarely shows down without it. I'd call him a solid TAG, but I still feel I have an edge vs. him particularly on later streets. I'm playing $750 in this spot and he has me covered. We have been playing with the straddle on for several rounds and it is on in this hand as well.

Villain opens UTG to $12, I call in UTG+1 with Jh9h9c8c, 2 more callers.

Flop Kd9s5h

Checks to me and I decide to bet $50 here because I don't want it checked behind, etc etc. folds around to villain who pots it (I think bet was ~$160). This may seem really nitty but I took a real while before deciding what to do here. Wonder what your thoughts are in situations like this when you're this deep? FYI, since this is less of a complex scenario I'll just let everyone know I ended up folding.

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