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200 PLO flop decision 4-way OOP

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200 PLO flop decision 4-way OOP

Spots like this I am a little lost in. 3 limpers. I raise to pot pre because I have big connected broadway cards and want to lower the SPR to hit hands like dominating NFD or dominating 2 pairs. I flop top pair, gs, and back door flush draw. All the players are pretty wide. I am OOP vs 3 players and don't really want to give players a good price on calling and playing position, but I know I have a lot of equity at the moment. I decide to pot it. Do you think my sizing is too big? What would your typical sizing be here? I don't want to narrow my opponents ranges to only sets and two pairs (I have pretty good equity still vs 2p and against T5, I am a favorite), but my opponents still may even come along with a hand like J9, JT9 that is an equity dog here so my big bet can still get good value maybe. What do you guys think?

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