2/4 draw heavy 4way oop

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2/4 draw heavy 4way oop

None: $0 (Hero)
PL Omaha $4(BB) Replayer Game#93873536575

SB ($678)
BB ($874)
UTG ($160)
MP ($400)
CO ($400)
BU ($532)

SB posts (SB) $2
BB posts (BB) $4

Dealt to MP Ts As Kh Js

MP raises to $10
CO calls $10
BU calls $10
BB calls $6

FLOP ($42) Th Jh 7s

BB checks
MP (HERO) checks ??
CO bets $32
BU folds
BB folds
MP (HERO) ??

The game is built arround BB who is a 77/35 player.

Co is a tight 22/18 reg who does not cold call often although given that the BB will almost always come along I think that Co and Bu will have a wider range here. Bu is another 31/20 reg.

I believe that without having and 8 or a 9 on my hand any of the villains will show up with 89 quite often or a combo draw that can shove over me. I opted for checking planing to give up if there is action behind me.

1- It is checking here to weak given that we are basically giving up the hand and a lot of equity?

After I checked Co makes it 32$ Bu and BB folded. What is our plan?
When Co, a tight player, bets into 3 people here I expect his range to be mostly composed of 89xx because often he would try to see a turn with QKhh Ahh and we block Kh, TT and JJ.
Basically any heart, 9 ,7 or A would help us to win the pot a high % of the time and then we will have the nuts on any Qr T or J making a total of 23 outs that will help us on the turn.
So based on this can we call?

2- Do we have enough success on all those outs to justify a call oop? How would we have played a nut flushdraw or a set on this situation?

And then
3- What is our plan if one of those turn cards come?.
Do we prefer to donk right away or try to steal it at the river giving him the chance to define more his hand and having a more confident bluff for us? Is there any detriment on letting him see the river when a flush card comes or when the board pairs?


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