$2/$4 HU 200bbs on monotone flop 3bet pre

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$2/$4 HU 200bbs on monotone flop 3bet pre

BB: Villain: $863
SB: Hero: $800
Preflop ($6.00) (2 Players)
Hero was dealt 9 8 7 6
Hero raises to $12, Villain raises to $36, Hero calls $24
Villain is fishy on the loose-aggressive side, and through 75 hands HU he had a 25% 3bet%. I saw him 3bet high pairs (QQ+) with weakish side cards and many random semi-connected/suited hands. I'd assume he would only 5bet with AAxx or maybe AKQJds (I hadn't 4bet much to this point). I feel like I missed a good chance to 4bet being deep here when he'd probably expect me to only have AAxx. He's the type to bluff any flop that doesn't hit my perceived range so I could easily induce on flops that hit my hand and bluff high card flops.
Flop ($78.00) Q T 4 (2 Players)
Villain checks, Hero checks
This is the main part of the hand I am curious about. I thought that he would bet most flushes and most hands that completely missed (I've seen him cbet the nuts on a lockdown board earlier). I think he'd check 2 pair/sets/top pair/str8 draws and possibly some flushes.

So I put him on a weakish/capped range (but not air) and I don't think he's ever checking to fold. He does get stubborn and I could see him c/calling 3 streets with a set/2 pair some % of the time. That said, I'd expect him to fold non-flushes on brick turns after 2 big bets most of the time. What betting/checking ranges should I have on the flop and what default sizing would you guys use? When I bet, do I always 3barrel brick turns and rivers?
Turn ($78.00) Q T 4 3 (2 Players)
Villain checks, Hero bets $72, Villain calls $72
I decided to check back my weak flush on flop which I think I should have some of in my checking back range. His turn check seems real weak (but didn't necessarily think I'd get a turn fold) so my plan was to pot turns and rivers with most of range I checked the flop with.
River ($222.00) Q T 4 3 7 (2 Players)
Villain checks, Hero bets $216, Villain folds
As stated, I think I'd pot here with most hands I have (and expect him to fold a high % on the river).


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