25/50 PLO hand at Bellagio - Trips on the turn, under trips on river

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25/50 PLO hand at Bellagio - Trips on the turn, under trips on river

Effective stacks with villian 12k

Fish limps in EP, another fish makes it 150 in CO, a third calls on the BTN, Andre (blond kid, young, pretty good, has played really high NLHE in the past), calls SB, I call K8c54 in the BB.

Flop Th 8s 2c, flop checks around.
Turn 8h Andre leads for 650, I call, everyone else folds.
River Ts
He checks.
I bet 1100.
He raises to 3700.

My thoughts,
Preflop is a bit loose, but I really wanted to play pots with the bad players in the game, not really worried about this too much.

Is this river valuebet too thin? I think K8 is the worst hand I would bet here for value. I felt like a lot of his checking range was worse 8s and overpairs, and some bluffs he gives up on.
If he had a Ten he would probably be better of leading against my entire range. Most of my hand range has showdown value after I call the turn; either weak value like JJ9hh or 8xxx, or strong value like a Ten. I assume he thinks I will check back most of my weaker 8s, but those could pay off to a lead. This is all true of a full house as well, except he might be able to get a check/raise in, so its closer, but overall I would think he'd be best off leading that as well.

Andre is a pretty loose and aggressive player from the time I've played with him, that makes me lean towards a call. Otoh, he might view me as a bit of a hero, so that might make him bluff less

I called.
Thoughts on the hand?

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