$25/50 PLO - Monotone Flop in 4-bet Pot (but this time I have it!)

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$25/50 PLO - Monotone Flop in 4-bet Pot (but this time I have it!)

Blinds: $25.00/$50.00 (4 Players) BN: Durian: $4925.00
SB: lautie: $5000.00
BB: MrSweets28: $5766.60 (Hero)
CO: TheFish77: $6275.96
Preflop ($75.00) MrSweets28 is BB with A 9 A 7
TheFish77 folds, Durian raises to $175.00, lautie raises to $575.00, MrSweets28 raises to $1900.00, Durian folds, lautie calls $1325.00
Flop ($3975.00) 6 7 T
lautie checks, MrSweets28 checks
Turn ($3975.00) 6 7 T 5
lautie checks, MrSweets28 checks

So this board, when compared to this board, is much different. His range does much better against mine, and he has many more hands that are close in equity to my dry overpairs (though whether he shoves those into me on flop is an important question).

I feel that make the most vacuum EV against most opponents by checking the flop here, but how does that fit into my overall strategy (and his)? (my assumption about most players' checking ranges is that they don't include a good portion of their middling hands)

Basically, I want to see how the RIO community views these flop spots. I'm not asking for a solution. Any thoughts whatsoever are great!

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