25/50 vs Sauce: Lets talk leading ranges

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25/50 vs Sauce: Lets talk leading ranges

Blinds: $25.00/$50.00 (4 Players) BN: kimokh: $2608.21
SB: [email protected]££INGGOL: $4434.77
BB: Sauce123: $17800.30
CO: aba20: $9874.09 (Hero)
Preflop ($75.00) aba20 is CO with T 5 K T
aba20 raises to $150.00, kimokh calls $150.00, [email protected]££INGGOL folds, Sauce123 calls $100.00
Flop ($475.00) 2 4 9
Sauce123 checks, aba20 bets $350.00, kimokh calls $350.00, Sauce123 calls $350.00
Turn ($1525.00) 2 4 9 T
Sauce123 checks, aba20 bets $1300.00, kimokh folds, Sauce123 calls $1300.00
River ($4125.00) 2 4 9 T 6
Sauce123 bets $2791.34, aba20 calls $2791.34
Final Pot Sauce123 lost and shows two pair, Tens and Nines.
aba20 wins and shows three of a kind, Tens.
aba20 wins $9705.68
Rake is $2.00

I was very surprised to see Sauce's hand in his leading range. I would expect a leading range to be made up entirely of straights and bluffs. This hand seems like one of the best bluff catchers for him on the river as he doesn't block hearts, doesn't block my larger missed straight draws and blocks both made straights. This is a spot where I won't be randomizing my bluffs off combos of 77/88/55/33 as I have very few in my range based on preflop and flop/turn action and I think I should be using things like QJ8x no hearts to bluff with on the river making his straight blockers even more valuable. Am I missing something here? Should we have a leading range that doesn't consist of improved draws and if so what should that range look like?

Edit: Converter isn't showing Sauces hand but he had 9s 5s 7d Tc

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