.25c/50c - Flopping bottom set 3-Handed

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.25c/50c - Flopping bottom set 3-Handed

I believe I had around $70+, and the other 2 players have around the same. I was the Big Blind. A pot-raise and re-pot before it gets to me, but I call with 6s-6h-5s-5h, followed by the original raiser calling.

Flop comes  K-J-5 (rainbow board)

I am first to act and I lead out for 3-quarter pot. Next player re-pots and the one after him jams all in. I am thinking one has a set of Jacks, at worst a big wrap. I decide to move all-in, and the player behind me calls all-in as well. 

One player has a wrap and the other has top two. Luckily, the board bricked out and I won a $200+ pot.

Any thoughts?

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