2k HU-Do I have enough to trap?

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2k HU-Do I have enough to trap?

This guy was playing v tag 6m, like 20/15 over 100 hands. Table broke and I stayed to play HU and test him out for a while. We've played 50-100 hands and he is running 65/45/33. So really just 3betting too much and playing kind of weird passive with the initiative. However when I have the initiative he seems to be more aggro and c/r a lot. He was flopping very well so perhaps that's why he seemed aggro.

I've been opening 70% otb and defending kinda wide. So far my 3b% is very low, like 5%.

$2200 effective and I 3b his open with AdJdQsJh, and he flats.

Flop: As4dTh
pot: $360

I bet 180 and he raises to 490. I do have the feeling that he is light here. Yea sometimes hell have AT but I kind of expect him to flat TT and A4. Does my hand play well enough to flat the flop raise or should I ship it in?

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