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2PLO - 210bb - Flop double OESD OOP multiway w/o flush redraw - standard get it in?

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2PLO - 210bb - Flop double OESD OOP multiway w/o flush redraw - standard get it in?


Some stats on the players in question:
UTG: VPIP 29, PFR 14, PF3b 3, Hands 80
BTN: VPIP 67, PFR 31, PF3b 3, Hands 100

No other reads on the players.

So I'm new to PLO and overall a poker amateur. I find myself in situations where I have strong draws w/o the flush and am unsure of if we should be getting them in or not. I realize that this is 2PLO and I don't want to level myself but find that I am playing 200bb deep and getting my money marginally a lot. In general I 3b this hand PF but I elected to call for the aforementioned reasons and don't want to play a big pot OOP and this hand plays find multiway.

Is it pretty standard to get this in on the flop this deep with PF raiser still left to act?

I'm really just worried about the UTG ranges as I feel like we are pretty much against AAxx, AhAxxh, AAxhxh, 99xx, 66xx, 33xx when he comes over the top. His CB into the field would indicate he has something at least as I don't think he is CB'ing this flop in a four way pot without anything.

I do think that 3b on the flop does have some fold equity against the PF raiser. Maybe he folds AAxx and AAxhxh but pretty much everyone has been tabling AA at my table up to 200bb.

As for the BTN I think he could easily be doing this with any set, top two plush flush draw, straight draw plus flush draw, etc.

Sorry if this is a dumb question but in general I'm unsure of how to play hands where I don't have a redraw or some of my straight outs complete flushes.

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