3b Pot, Did I make a mistake somewhere?

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3b Pot, Did I make a mistake somewhere?

Villain is opening 32% from CO, F3b 25%, 3bet 3.2% of hands(7.2% freq) overall. 

Fold to c-bet 45%. 

I probably 3b around 10% here and c-betting the majority of my 3b range on this flop.  He knows this.

Me and villain have played quite a bit of HU together.  It seems like his frequencies are solid and he picks good spots to get out of line.  Obviously he knows this is a decent flop to float so I expect him to be somewhat wide here.  


Pre flop is fine/whatever.

Flop with an SPR of ~5, it seems like a spot where c-betting often results in an awkward turn SPR.  I guess I could bet like 56 on flop and size for 3 streets, or size flop larger and go 2 streets.  I assume we don't want to check our entire range here do we?  As far as this exact hand in a vacuum, is c-betting OK or should I be ch/f'ing this one?

As played, I can see my turn options being bet to fold out floats, check/give up given I have no blockers, or CRAI which seems spewy w/o some frequency of his being insanely out of whack.

Thoughts on all streets appreciated.  

One final question is how should I be playing my range here macroscopically?  What should my overall strategy be? 


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