400bbs deep 25 PLO

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400bbs deep 25 PLO

My plan was to float twice and shove river, the squeezer was 16/9 and the UTG player 28/18 so I figured the squeezer is auto folding turns and any competent player would read my hand as QQ by the river, nobody is retarded enough to try this out at these stakes and it is zoom so main villain would view me as random unknown reg with 335 hands, if he even has a hud. I think there's quite a decent chance the queen river convinced him i've got a worse 4 (even though i never do in this particular case against that betsize) so... do you think he would've shoved blanks or was he check folding without and maybe even with boat? Or is it just a dumb idea to try dumb stuff like this even against "regs"?

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